Lori Bow Collector Units

DBRC has four LORI (LBC-3) bow mounted skimming systems.  The skimmer is a chain driven brush skimmer rated for use in protected waters.  Two (2) of DBRC’s Schat work boats are capable of mounting 2 of these units with an approximate skimming width of 16 ft. in the advancing mode (pictured above left).  The Lori units on the Schat Boats are at DBRC’s Linwood facility and at the Delaware City Refining Co.  Portable tanks provide storage for these units.  Two LORI units mount on American Eagle Aluminum Barge units (pictured above right) and the units are stored at Linwood.  The skimming width with the barge units will be determined by the amount of boom used for the V-configuration. With 220 ft. lengths on each of the V legs, the skimming width is approximately 130 ft.  The LORI units on the Schats can be switched to American Eagle Aluminum Barge units and deployed during a spill, depending on the situation.