Lamor Minimax (Lmm) 30 (2)

The Lamor Mini Skimmer (LMM30) is a stiff brush conveyor belt-type oil skimmer. It is ideal for occasional or frequent use in small ponds/pits, in the oil collection bay of small oil/water interceptors or for general clean-up duties, but also as a fast flood skimmer in rivers. The brush belt system allows recovery of oil in debris polluted waters. Powered by a hydraulic power pack and has a 3-inch quick connect fitting for attaching transfer hoses to a storage tank. Each unit is equipped with a hydraulic driven Rotary Lobe Transfer Pump for the pumping of recovered oil into a storage tank. When in operation this unit has a draft of less than I-foot. The two units are stored in the DBRC Inland Spill Trailer (ET-91 02) at DBRC’s Linwood Facility.