Elastec Tds-118 Grooved Drum Skimmer (6 Units)

The Elastec TDS118 are driven pneumatic or by hydraulic for oil spill response and industrial use. Due to its shallow draft and light weight, this handy skimmer is ideal for cleanup in creeks, rivers and lakes. Elastec drum skimmers are able to recover a wide range of oils and sheen, from diesel to crude oils. It is equally at home in an API separator or inland river spill. On the hydraulic model a hydraulic driven pump can be attached on the suction side fitting and the recovered oil can be transferred into a designated storage tank or bladder. The dry weight of the skimmer head unit is 60 lbs. The E150 hydraulic transfer pump weighs 20 lbs and has a maximum pumping capacity of 180 gpm., and is capable of handling solids up to ¾”. DBRC has six (6) of these oil skimmer units and are stored in the following locations. Two (2) pneumatic units in trailer ET-1501 located in Linwood. Two (2) hydraulic units in trailer ET-0901 located in Linwood. One (1) hydraulic unit on trailer ET-9102 located in Linwood. One (1) hydraulic unit in trailer BT-8602 located at PSEG in Lower Alloways Creek, NJ. Two (2) E150 hydraulic transfer pumps are located in trailer ET-0901 located in Linwood.