Dispersant Application Equipment

Dispersant Application Equipment

DBRC dispersant application equipment includes the following:

Dispersant – DBRC stores 1-Tote with 300 Gallons of Corexit 9500 at the Delaware Bay Launch Service in Slaughter Beach, DE.  DBRC inventory and equipment is primarily intended for test application.

Sea Spray II portable dispersant spraying unit – The unit can be mounted on Delaware Bay Launch Service boats or other vessels of opportunity for water dispersant application and is located at Slaughter Beach, DE.

Due to the short window of time in which dispersants can be used after an oil spill, it is recommended that the spiller begin to mobilize the necessary equipment for dispersant application while approval from the U.S. Coast Guard is pending.

Any use of dispersants related to oil spills must be approved by the Coast Guard On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) and other federal and state agencies.  This applies to “pre-approved” areas as well as to areas where no pre-approval has been granted.  Refer to the Sector Delaware Bay Area Contingency Plan to obtain guidance on policies and protocols for dispersant use in the Delaware Bay.  When proper approval to activate DBRC dispersant equipment has been obtained from the Coast Guard OSC, the spiller’s representative or Qualified Individual will notify the DBRC President, who will then direct operation of the equipment.

Portable Tanks for Recovered Fluid Storage:

Five (5) ILC 400 gallon portable Ziptanks

One (1) 2,500 gallon Fastank

One (1) 2,500 gallon Texatank

One (1) 1321 gallon Ro-Tank 5 

One (1) 3000 gallon capacity Canflex Pillow Tank-

DBRC has a letter of commitment with Baker Tanks, Swedesboro, NJ to provide portable tanks in various sizes to a spill site within 12 hours, and a letter of commitment with OSG Ship Management for waterborne temporary storage.

Anchor systems:

Four 5’ x 8’ containers with a gross weight of 700 lbs each containing 12 complete anchor systems are available.   Two (2) are stored at DBRC’s Linwood Facility and (2) are stored at Delaware City.  Two deep water storage boxes containing 6 complete anchor systems are available and are stored at DBRC’s Linwood Facility.