American Eagle Barges

DBRC has three (3) American Eagle Aluminum Barge units consisting of two aluminum barges that can be hauled on a flat bed truck (2 barges per truck – 13’ 6” overhead clearance is required), or by trailer.  The barges measure approximately 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and are 3′ 9″ high.  They are designed such that two (2) will pin together to form a 40 x 16 ft. work platform with a skimming outrigger.  Each barge has a 115 barrel storage capacity.  The decks are reinforced to accommodate skimming equipment such as the Trans-Vac or DESMI (see page 27).  The units are fitted to mount Lori Bow Collector units on the stern  One (1) unit is located at Delaware Bay Launch Service in Slaughter Beach, one (1) at the Delaware City Refinery,  and one (1) at DBRC’s Linwood Facility.  Gross weight per barge is 6,500 lbs.