Schat Sea Responders

DBRC has four (4) Schat 34-foot Sea Responder fiberglass boats powered by twin 115 horsepower outboard engines.  The operating draft is approximately 2 feet and the boats have 100 gallons of fuel capacity.  Three of the boats are equipped to mount the LORI skimmers or push knees to be used with the American Eagle Aluminum Barges.  The boats can carry approximately 1200 feet of boom at a speed of about 20 knots.  Two are fitted with a drop bow ramp and towing bit.  One (1) boat is located at DBRC’s Linwood Facility, one (1) at the Delaware City Refinery, and two (2) are at Delaware Bay Launch Service Slaughter Beach.  All are mounted on trailers for rapid mobilization to various locations.  Gross weight with LORI skimmer is 15,000 lbs. and 13,500 lbs without the Lori system.