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Emergency Response Management Solutions, Delaware Bay and River Oil Spill Response

In 1977 members of the Oil and Transportation Industries in the Delaware Valley joined to found what has emerged today as the Delaware Bay And River Cooperative.

The DBRC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization.

Our Mission is to protect the Delaware River and Bay natural resources by focusing on three key areas; Environmental preparedness, Environmental response, and education.

DBRC Services

The DBRC is a 24 hour emergency response organization

Membership Benefits

The Delaware Bay and River Cooperative is composed of member companies who receive, produce or transport oil on the Delaware River and Bay. Members and Subscribers have access to large quantities of oil spill response resources to meet their regulatory requirements for oil spill response.

  • Membership established in 1994 to provide reliable, full-time coverage for vessels entering the Delaware Bay.
  • Vessel Owners & Operators can obtain DBRC Coverage per voyage.
  • Since expanded so that Spill Management Companies can obtain Voyage Coverage for client vessels.
  • DBRC provides AMPD coverage for MSRC’s client’s vessels on a per voyage basis.

Voyage Coverage, AMPD Coverage for MSRC’s Client’s Vessels

The Subscriber Membership was established to permit vessel operators to obtain coverage by DBRC on a per-voyage basis. Voyage coverage covers the vessel for the entire trip in the Delaware Bay and River from the time the vessel enters the Delaware Bay until it departs for sea.

The Subscriber Membership also includes average most probable discharge coverage for vessels lightering in Big Stone Anchorage. This is provided by the 166 ft. OSRV DELRIVER, stationed in Roosevelt Inlet and manned 24hours a day. The DELRIVER can be in Big Stone Anchorage in less than an hour from notification.

The DELRIVER is equipped with: 4,800 feet of ocean boom, twin LORI 5 brush skimmers, 3000 barrel storage capacity, and a derated oil recovery capacity of 13,750/bbl/day. All of this equipment can be deployed by the DBRC crew on board the DELRIVER and requires no outside assistance. 

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